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Ray’s Concrete Tulsa is going to be here, making your concrete dreams come true. Whether you are a Tulsa business owner or a private homeowner, our principal objective is fulfilling your concrete needs and wants. We’re a relationship-based business, and having this specific characteristic is the very thing that separates us from various concrete contractors in Tulsa, OK.

Ray’s Concrete Tulsa is a family-based concrete company. We focus on laying & finishing residential concrete, installing decorative concrete overlays on the interior surface and outdoor concrete floors, along with polishing and grinding of commercial and residential flooring. We’re also experts in concrete repair & restoration. 

Ray’s Concrete Tulsa is centered on servicing our clients with experienced and skilled workmanship, on-time delivery of projects, and high-quality materials, while meeting the clients’ specifications. Our clients are trained to hinge on Ray’s Concrete Tulsa for just about any personalized, solution-based technique on nearly every concrete undertaking, from evaluation to completion and finishing. Ray’s Concrete Tulsa offers service which exceeds the expectations of our clientele. 

Get the very finest look possible for your concrete Tulsa! Discuss with the experts of Ray’s Concrete Tulsa to enjoy a personal touch to your concrete areas. Whether you have outdated or brand new concrete, we have the knowledge and abilities necessary to improve the appearance of your respective concrete surfaces. If you’re trying to have a new concrete exterior with design and color, you can trust that we can ensure a seamless process.

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Decorative Concrete Tulsa OK

When it comes to your options, you’re about to come across an assortment of strategies to attain your desired look. Decorative concrete Tulsa OK contractors can practically create any style you can imagine.

Polished concrete, a concrete surface ground in many passes using diamond tools, will result in an impressive luster surface area similar to marble. This is among the fastest-growing methods in decorative concrete due to its distinctive appearance and decreased maintenance costs. Micro toppings & skim coats are the thinly applied material placed atop existing concrete, which may be layered in several lifts to generate dimensional effects. Finishes will be broomed, trowelled, or perhaps textured. These cement-based toppings offer excellent durability and a distinctive appearance. Stamped & textured concrete, this strategy uses semi-hardened brand new concrete with special tools to make the concrete appear like stone, brick, and slate. With advancements in stamping products and coloring methods, it is incredibly hard to distinguish between genuine materials and decorative concrete Tulsa OK. Stamped overlay, a gorgeous, poured-in-place topping made from a colored or uncolored cementitious high-end substance is positioned over existing concrete, then textured and stamped. A lot of the strategies employed with stamped concrete are often used when stamping an overlay.

Decorative Concrete Blocks

Individuals everywhere are discovering a remodeling secret that employs a substance present in nearly every house, office, and it is known as decorative concrete Tulsa OK. This more recent option has skyrocketed into a multi-billion dollar business. Decorative concrete blocks contractors work with chemical substances to make the current concrete look like wood floors, slate, granite, tile, marble, brick, and much more for considerably less than the price of these various other substances. The best part is that the procedure is non-destructive, secure, and earth-friendly. Concrete could likewise be quickly fixed, waterproofed, and made slip-resistant through breakthroughs in this particular market.

Consumers may now spend larger amounts of their budgets on various other parts of their tasks. The choices are limitless. Imagine transforming an unsightly basement floor to some man cave finished with the logo and colors of your favorite team, or maybe turning your entrance, and patio with the look of tile or brick. An estimated 90% of residences and businesses have concrete. Frequently ignored regarding renovations and upgrades are your driveways, pathways, and patios around your house. For that additional curb or patio appeal, we offer extraordinary designs for stamped concrete in Tulsa, OK. We promise not just a surface that’s certain to wow you and your visitors, but we guarantee, and it’s our responsibility to primarily pour a very stable pad to make sure the probably most durable construction will last you for many years. So communicate with us today; and we are going to work with you to make sure your tastes and patterns match that dream home design you have in mind.